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Eradicate violence against women

I am very excited to see the powerful campaign of the Herzliya Municipality in Israel. The campaign to in collaboration with the project I created called We are a Choice.

We are a Choice, is a global movement of photographers working to promote discourse and awareness on diverse social issues, in our unique process that includes guiding and empowering personal choices and taking portraits with those choice statements in a powerful and meaningful way.

I set up this movement because it is important to me to convey the message that we all can choose at any given moment. The choice is ours, in our hands and always leads us to the results in our lives. We have no control over so many things but still at every complicated or difficult junction we have a choice.

The campaign - “End the Violence against Women” of the Municipality of Herzliya in Israel, is a campaign in which we managed to emphasize the importance of choice as a place that can save lives, raise awareness and stimulate discourse. I feel that any such activity contributes to the elimination of violence of any kind, against women.

My Israeli partner in the project is the talented photographer Anat Orr Kazula. In the process, Anat met with women in a shelter for battered women in Herzliya, talked to them, learned about their courage and how they found the strength to leave and start over and save their lives and the lives of their children. Together they refined the selection of sentences and we used these sentences to photograph women from Herzliya and lead critical activities for women.

When I see this campaign, its power, and how my vision is implemented to reinforce important messages - I get very moved and am extremely grateful.

We find a way to publish with each one their truth, to give voice to brave and meaningful choices in a new and interesting way.

Each of us has the right to ask: who do we choose to be to create a good, safe, meaningful life. And at every stage of life we ​​can all have different answers.

This is the question I hope to raise in each and every one of us, as a way of life - because it's all in our hands.

Thanks to Michelle Atzmon, the Adviser to the Mayor on the Status of Women and the Women's Council, the vision and commitment to eradicating violence against women.

Thank you to the Herzliya Municipality and all the amazing women who took part in the project. Anat and I are happy that we were able to create this with you.

Thank you dear Anat for a powerful and meaningful photography and for who you are.



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