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The Team

Who We Are

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Meet Dania

Founder - We are a Choice

Utilizing her background as a life coach, Dania brings a unique perspective to the portrait experience.


Approaching photography from a place of love and acceptance, Dania helps individuals see themselves in a new light, reflecting back to them the beauty they can share with the world.


She is extremely excited about capturing your authentic story and how you matter.

Meet Sofia

Sofia is a passionate person who has found her voice through the art of photography.


Her gifts, talents, and abilities have been cultivated over the past 20 years through photojournalism, fine art photography, graphic design, and her love of life.

Sofia uses these tools to transform the way people see, specifically I create strong images that speak to the soul and refresh your heart. 

Sofia Harper .jpg

Meet Debra

Certified Professional Photographer, Debra Weisheit, has been capturing personalities and important moments through the lens of her camera for more than 20 years.

For the last six years, Debra has focused her efforts on creating "portraits with a purpose".  

Making a difference in people lives and bringing their hopes and dreams alive though her fine art portraiture is what fuels Debra’s passion and her voice.

Seeing people for who they are, meeting people where they are and drawing out their beauty and truth is her super power!

Debra’s mission is to create honest, powerful images, thereby empowering her clients to be proud and vocal about who they are, and what they believe in.

Meet Meredith

Meredith believes in the power of photography to help define a person. An award-winning photographer, she is uniquely adept at working with clients who may be uncomfortable in front of the camera.

She makes things fun.  Meredith defines experiences through photography.


An art photographer specializing in wall hangings and custom handmade photography folios, Meredith works with you to portray your world. From her you will have a mirror on your life now to keep forever.


The collaboration-the photographer and model is magic. 

Meredith bio image IMG_4791A copy.jpg

Meet Donna

Donna has been capturing moments through photography for the past 15 years. Her love of capturing candid moments especially is what started her passion.


She soon realized that her clients adored having those non-scripted moments that arose during photo sessions. In the right light, they sometimes may even make better memories.


She hopes to share her clients’ strengths, inner happiness, and proudest moments through her photos.


The goal is to be reminded of the milestones they have crossed when they see their images displayed around their home.  

Meet Sharon

Award winning photographer, Sharon Fuente’s goal in photography is to capture moments and turn them in to art. She believes that every person and every family is unique and their story is meant to be told in its own way. This is why she takes time to get to know her clients and create something special that they will love and proudly display in their homes for years.

Sharon is a certified photographer with Professional Photographer’s of America and brings a mixture of technical expertise, creativity and a personal touch to her portrait work. 

Photography is such a powerful medium. A single image can bring back forgotten memories, make us laugh or cry and even remind us of our purpose in life. 


Meet Anat

Anat Kazula is a professional fashion and portrait photographer with extensive experience in photography and campaign production for fashion brands. Her main emphasis is set on the color and aesthetics of each frame.


Anat applies her accumulated knowledge and experience from fashion photography when she shoots portraits as well. She has the ability to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera, so that the images reflect their true selves.


Anat is lives and works in the Center of Israel and is the first to offer Choice Portraits in that region.

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